DH Alumni

The Devonshire House Management Club which was wound up in 2013 after over 35 very successful years was succeeded by Devonshire House Network.

In response to requests from former members, Paul Williams, who had been Chairman of the Devonshire House Management Club for a number of years and Sue Morris, who had been the Administration Director, agreed to organise an annual lunch for long-standing Club members who just wanted to stay in touch rather than operate as mainstream members of DHN. The very successful inaugural lunch took place on April 1st 2014 at the Charing Cross Hotel in London. About fifty members and former members attended and many happy memories were revisited and friendships re-kindled. A second lunch was held on May 11th 2015.  A third lunch took place on May 13th 2016 –  at which about 30 former members were present – including about 10 who had become regular attendees at the successor club – the Devonshire House Network.

Charles Russam , Managing Director of DHN, was also very pleased to be there, admiring the multiple trips down memory lane and the many friendships that had their roots in business professionals seeking the sort of new insights that come from exchanging  ideas, thoughts, information and opinions in a confidential environment with like-minded senior business leaders.

We are not sure what arrangements will be made for a lunch in 2017. A combination of smaller attendances and the creation of the DHN Club for those from Devonshire House Network wishing to join may lead to a joint lunch. Those with any views about this are invited to email morris.susan@virgin.net and/or charles.russam@DevonshireHouseNetwork.co.uk