Devonshire House is becoming a members only club in 2020

When our team took over the old Devonshire House in 2014, we suspended the membership scheme – it was a Members only club – until we felt that we had established a new Devonshire House that suited the changing times and had an important offering.  Two years ago, we introduced our own new membership scheme – mostly triggered by GDPR but also by the need to put a toe in the water towards being a members-only club

We are now moving towards being a Members only club – but avoiding the dangers of doing it too quickly or too much at any one time!   Taking soundings from many Members, Speakers and Sponsors, we hear that getting VIP Speakers to talk with us comes top of the list. This is followed closely by debates / discussions about current or emerging business or management issues – reflecting our instinctive focus on the human side of enterprise.

We do make it clear to anyone who cares to listen that our Business Model is based on making enough profit to pay for our admin and our development – and most observers will note that the profit on Events and from member subs (all mostly including discounts on Events)  could never be described as anything other than “modest”

The word that joins all this together is “collaboration” and the prize for us all as individuals flows from our Speakers, the people we meet, the ideas and information – relevant to our purpose  – that comes from our keenness for interactivity.  This makes the overall experience.  The “overall experience” relies on our ability to deliver this formula. We think we now have most of the building blocks in place.  Hence the confidence to upgrade the membership scheme.

Our “building blocks” are our mainstream Events, our re-designed Director Forums, our informal Drinks Receptions, our DHN Talks circulars and our readiness to make personal introductions amongst our membership.

The new membership schemes include Individual Membership, Premium Membership and Corporate Membership.  All have been slightly reconfigured – and you can read about each of these on our website HERE.

Thanks for all of the support of our current members as we continue to develop the offering and the benefits to our members. Upcoming event list HERE