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About Working Free

Offering a different perspective on our working world

Working Free Ltd  – www.workingfree.co.uk – aims to be a leading web-based UK Enabling Provider of career, professional and business development information to Director-level Independent Workers in the UK.  Its primary aim is to support the senior Executive coming out of permanent employment and wondering what to do next – and how.  It will also be helpful to established Independent workers at senior levels keen to upscale their effectiveness.

It makes the case that about half the UK’s working population of about 32m are full-time employees on a payroll – implying that the rest are something different. Understanding and challenging the Working Free interpretation of the ONS figures supporting this concept may lead you to see this proportion as different – but it will not change the underlying principles.

For some years, now, there have been unprecedented and huge changes in our working world.  Employment and working patterns and philosophies are shifting inexorably towards individuals. The core principle is that Individuals are becoming increasingly responsible for themselves in work, career and professional terms. Independent – not dependent.  It’s not jobs that they are interested in; it is work.  These people are Self Drive Workers – http://www.workingfree.co.uk/self-drive-worker/

However you interpret or understand this contention – and workings to support it can be found on www.WorkingFree.co.uk – it does draw attention to the whole issue of our working world in the UK – exactly what is it currently and how is it evolving.

The UK Government has responded to the Taylor Report on modern working practices in a number of ways include seeking views from all interested parties:-


In particular, they invited submissions on how to make the employment status rules for employment rights and tax clearer for individuals and businesses.  Please read here the submission made by Working Free.

The Working Free website offers interactive advice on the self-examination process that senior people need to go through in deciding whether independent working is for them.  It also looks at the self-employment market. Importantly, however, it looks at the detailed professional options available to “Self Drive Workers”.  Working Free is keen to develop this part of the Working Free website.

More information is available from hello@WorkingFree.co.uk or 08081 565604.

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