The Devonshire House Business Network

All categories of Membership have free access to The Devonshire House Business Network.

The Devonshire House Business Network facility is offered free to all Devonshire House Members in all categories who have a need to find the other end of a business requirement. This “business requirement” can be interpreted broadly but should not constitute offering personal business services.

Simply email the need to with sufficient details of the requirement and full personal contact details and, after review, this will be published over a Devonshire House Business Network Job Number on a regular email to all Devonshire House Members. As at 1.1.19, this numbers about 150 – but is increasing.

The Devonshire House office shall vet all advertisements and all responses – declining those that it deems NOT conforming with the philosophy of this scheme – which is an additional introductory service/ benefit for membership of Devonshire House. On this basis, the identities of advertiser and responder shall be disclosed to each other only at the point of exchange of information and discussions after that point shall be between the Advertiser and the Responder.

As part of Devonshire House, Members have accepted the GDPR requirements and the Devonshire House Privacy Notice shall apply also in this case.

Disclaimer. Devonshire House accepts no responsibility for any loss or detriment that might occur as a result of introductions made through this scheme. Devonshire House offers no advice whatsoever in any of these dealings. Devonshire House has no current financial interest in this Scheme – but will review this in the light of outcomes of this trial initiative.