Devonshire House has three Event Streams – monthly formal dinners; some less formal Events that we refer to as “Topical Issues Forums” and DHN Private Networks.

Most of our Events are formal dinners with a high profile Speaker – usually nine in each year. The attendance fee is (wef 1.4.16) £85 + VAT. Members’ rates are slightly less than this.

The commercial drivers are:-

  • Great Speakers – and having the number and quality of attentive listeners interested in the topic to make their trip worthwhile. A good and attractive central London location which is easy to get to.
  • Good food.
  • Knowing you’ll meet up again with people you know and like being with.
  • Looking forward to meeting some new same level contacts.
  • Attentive, friendly and supportive event management – with pre-arranged table plans with a Table Host – for those who prefer this – and usually with some prior consultation.

The DHN Topical Issues Forums are a bit different –but cover the same ground as our formal dinners. Responding to a number of comments made during 2016, we have redesigned some Dinner Events as Topical Issues Forums – the aim being to increase time spent listening, questioning, debating and. Importantly, more opportunity to mix with other DHN members and decrease the time spent eating – and doing it standing up rather than sitting down! . The format is arrive at 6pm for tea/ coffee; the talk and Q&A from 6.30pm until 7.30pm and with the formal end still at 9pm – but allowing greater flexibility in catching up with current contacts and making new ones. Booking and payment is through Eventbrite. As at 1.1.17, the attendance fee is £59 + VAT. Members’ rates are slightly less than this

DHN Private Networks. Top people moving from senior employed roles after a number of years of full-on, stressed, demanding commitments very often wonder about what to do next – especially those who don’t have to do anything next. Talking informally with others in the same position and at the same level is seen by many to be a very valuable option. It’s partly a question of information; partly who knows who; and partly about ideas. DHN Private Networks are designed for these people. There is no structure. The only rule is strict confidentiality. DHN will suggest names of one or more other DHN members who you can test drive. Like they did.

Research & Economics

We take the view that DHN Members want – and, maybe, need to know about how Economics affects the workplace. Understanding what is happening and why it’s happening with people in the workplace is the hallmark of the success-driven Director-level executive. This is why we have a separate section “Research & Economics” on this website for this – and are keen to populate it.

Our style is friendly and professional. We pride ourselves on the warmth of our welcome, the conviviality of our events and our friendly yet professional approach.

Our speakers are drawn from a broad range of areas, including business, politics, the media, religion, the arts and public service. They aim to challenge, inform and stimulate debate and discussion with members. Specialist HR subjects are more appropriately covered in our regular participative workshops.

Our dinners provide an opportunity to meet high profile speakers and share informed and stimulating perspectives. Held at central London locations, the evenings begin with a drinks reception which provides an excellent opportunity to catch up with fellow members before sitting down to dinner at 7pm. The guest speaker takes the floor after dinner and we always finish promptly at 9pm with many lingering on in various conversations. We can pre-plan seating arrangements if required.

A key aim of DHN is to seek to harness our collective and individual levels of knowledge, perception and understandings acquired and generated through DHN for the benefit of those who come under our influence in the workplace, whether this be for the benefit of the organisation or the individuals within it.

We are keen to develop Professional Alliances  …… an instinctive focus on the human side of Enterprise.

In many ways, this phrase, which was an integral part of the constitution of The Devonshire House Management Club when it was established over forty years ago, still lies very much at the heart of The Devonshire House Network – but with contemporary interpretations.

DHN is keen to form “Professional Alliances” with selected third parties where we think that a continuous exchange of information, new thinking and thought stimulation based around “people at work” would add value to DHN members. Links to these “Professional Alliances” appear at the foot of this and other web pages – and usually lead to a landing page which will enable you to decide either to go forwards or come backwards. In some cases, we may well get close to the commercial underlay of all interactions between senior business people but DHN members are reminded of our behavior mantra – “We are all open for business. But being spotted selling is bad manners”!