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Offering a different perspective on our working world, Working Free Ltd is pleased to have a reciprocal arrangement with Devonshire House Network and its ‘instinctive focus on the human side of enterprise’.

Working Free Ltd – – aims to be a leading web-based UK Enabling Provider of career, professional and business development information to Director-level Independent Workers in the UK.  Its primary aim is to support the senior Executive coming out of permanent employment.  It will also be helpful to established senior level Independent workers who are keen to upscale their effectiveness.

Working Free recognises a neglected area of the UK’s overall workforce.

It makes the case that just over half of the UK’s working population of about 32m are full-time employees on a payroll, implying that  it follows that the rest (some 45%) fall into a different category.

The difficulty in understanding this lies in the size, the terminology, the definitions and the constant change and variability in virtually all aspects of this phenomenon. This 45% includes Part-timers, Self-employed, Contractors, Freelancers, Interim Managers, Temps, Consultants (Independent or Semi-independent), Management Consultants, Gig workers, Semi-retired workers, Portfolio workers, Off-payroll workers, those who work through PSCs (Personal Service Companies), Full-time workers increasingly doing jobs ‘on the side’, and ‘Redundant Executives’ who position themselves – often unknowingly – somewhere in this 45% category. Some see themselves as working Consultants and some see themselves as unemployed, and this might vary from month to month. Additionally, many move around within these categories and on and off permanent payrolls.

It would seem that there has never been a convenient term that describes all these people – until now!  Working Free calls them Self Drive Workers, because they are actually workers who personally create and manage their own ‘jobs’.

Self Drive Workers

In recent years we have seen massive and unprecedented changes in our working world.  Employment and working patterns and philosophies are shifting inexorably towards individuals. The core principle is that Individuals are becoming increasingly responsible for themselves in work, career and professional terms. Independent – not dependent.  It’s not jobs that they are interested in; it is work.  These people are Self Drive Workers –

However you interpret or understand this contention – and evidence to support it can be found on – it does bring focus to the current and evolving state of the UK working world.

The Working Free website offers interactive advice on the essential self-examination process for senior-level workers deciding whether independent working is for them. It also offers advice on the self-employment market, and, importantly, examines the detailed professional options available to ‘Self Drive Workers’.  It asks questions such as What is your own personal professional product? How do you sell your product/service? How do you successfully manage this?

Working Free is keen to become a key supporter to those operating in this sector in the UK’s working population.

08081 565604 – 07785 297059. .  Working Free Limited is a company registered in England and Wales. Regd number: 9347992.  Regd Office: 45 Pall Mall, London.  SW1Y 5JG.

Working Free aims to be a leading UK Enabling Provider of career, professional and business development information to Director-level Independent Workers in the UK.