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Devonshire House is a people-focused membership club for Director-level professionals in leadership roles
who have an instinctive focus on the human side of enterprise.

Coronavirus update

Notwithstanding the major disruption created by Covid-19, emerging from all that fog, will be new ideas, new contacts, new approaches and – maybe not all that obvious – new opportunities.  Devonshire House wants to be a valuable part of this process for you. We are moving the dates of our agreed Events into the Autumn, adding some new, shorter, more focussed ones –  and now online – so that they can actually happen – and we are  increasing the interactivity and inclusiveness  of our online communications with our Members and other contacts. More info below.

Devonshire House members and contacts will know about one of our Partner Businesses – Working Free Ltd is a specialist career advisory consultancy supporting senior Director-level executives coming off the permanent payroll into an independent working lifestyle. Working Free clients are primarily corporates supporting their senior people – but we also work with individuals. Unsettled periods of major change call for creative management of businesses and also of career optionsWe commend all parts of  to your serious attention.  Our post-Covid-19 working world is going to be very different for most of us. We need to understand the options.

Our purpose, at Devonshire House, is to create for our members thinking time and space for key business issues, and where people make the difference.

Delivered primarily through our broad range of high-level Speaker Events, Director Forums, DHN Debates and peer-to-peer networking, our Members and Members’ guests discover more about organisations and how the effectiveness of their people can be nurtured and grown.

At the heart of Devonshire House are senior decision makers keen to discover and explore original thinking and information generated from all the Events we promote.

Devonshire House exists for the benefit of its Stakeholders. These are Partner Firms, Sponsors, Reciprocal Arrangements, Corporate Members and Personal Members– and to these, Devonshire House seeks to offer another route to market. We also go out of our way to benefit Members Guests and our Speakers where mutual opportunities arise. Our aim is to cover our operations and development costs.

Here we publish more substantive material – which we refer to as Occasional Papers – and which arise out of our Events and Talks or otherwise through our Members – broadly in tune with our purpose:

Please also visit our latest news page.

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Devonshire House Best Reads

On this page you’ll find our latest articles. We hope you enjoy reading our selections!  Please do submit to us any comments that you may have – for or against. Read more here.

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