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Devonshire House is a people-focused membership club for Director-level professionals in leadership roles
who have an instinctive focus on the human side of enterprise.

Our purpose, at Devonshire House, is to create for our members thinking time and space for key business issues, and where people make the difference.

At the heart of Devonshire House are senior decision makers keen to discover and explore original thinking and information generated from all the Events we promote.

In addition to our Mainstream Events – which may be online or at a venue – and generally take place monthly, we run more functional monthly Events focussed on Networking –  Elbow Room Networking Events – the nearest thing we can get to individual face to face networking – read more here.

We are very proud of our long list of influential national leaders who have spoken to us at Devonshire House. Browse through our annual programmes going back several years. 


What does “Networking” mean?

At Devonshire House, we have our own way of understanding and interpreting Networking.

It all depends on what you mean by Networking!  Where do you draw the line?

Please read;

The Broad View

Re-discovering Networking.

Diaspora Business Networks – Is this the coming Corporate Model?

Elbow Room Networking

Traditional Networking from Working Free

Social Media

Upcoming Events

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Devonshire House Network exists for the benefit of its Stakeholders – which we define more broadly than actual Membership.

  • All our Online Eventsare Free to Members who get additional benefits – read more here.
  • Members receive heavily discounted rates for live venue Events.
  • Non Members are very welcome to all our Events by paying a fee per event.
  • There are four categories of membership. Read here To these, Devonshire House seeks to offer another route to market. This route is based on people and networking.

The Summer Break – 2021 – presents special features. The big question is will Event activities stay online or will they go back to live Events as pre Covid – or both – or something else?  It is a tricky mix of questions, unavoidable indecision, crystal-ball gazing, practical thinking, innovation and ambition for upcoming Events. Read about how Devonshire House plans to handle this.  Here

Here we publish more substantive material – which we refer to as Occasional Papers – and which arise out of our Events and Talks or otherwise through our Members – broadly in tune with our purpose:

Please also visit our latest news page.

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Prof. Vernon Bogdanor speaks at DHN 28.02.18

Patrick McLoughlin Speaks at DHN 29.11.16

Leave or Stay? What does British business want from the EU?

Devonshire House Best Reads

On this page you’ll find our latest articles. We hope you enjoy reading our selections!  Please do submit to us any comments that you may have – for or against. Read more here.

Friends, Partners and Sponsors

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