How We Operate

Our Events provide an opportunity to meet high profile speakers and share informed and stimulating perspectives. Held at central London locations, starting at 6pm and always finishing promptly at 9pm with many lingering on in various conversations.

Our style is friendly and professional. We pride ourselves on the warmth of our welcome, the conviviality of our events and our friendly yet professional approach.

Our speakers are drawn from a broad range of areas, including business, politics, the media, religion, the arts and public service. They aim to challenge, inform and stimulate debate and discussion with members.

We are keen to encourage and support members in meeting other members and interacting with our Partner Organisations, Sponsors and Organisations with who we have reciprocal arrangements.

We are keen to develop Professional Alliances  …… an instinctive focus on the human side of Enterprise. In many ways, this phrase, which was an integral part of the constitution of The Devonshire House Management Club when it was established over forty years ago, still lies very much at the heart of The Devonshire House Network – but with contemporary interpretations. Devonshire House has five event streams.

Devonshire House Speaker Events

These are the core DHN Events – sometimes a Buffet and sometimes a Dinner. The annual Programme is published towards the end of the year – 9 Events – monthly except July, August and December.

Please look at our Speaker Programme for 2017 here

…And our Speaker Programme for 2016 can be found here

Please also look at our Speaker Programmes for previous years. You will see that we have a rich, long, proud and privileged heritage of hearing what the best in the land have to say about organisations and people. In fact – all about “…. instinctive focus on the human side of Enterprise.

DHN Director Forums

Director Forums

Director Forums are working, live and creative groups focused on key business issues. We want to influence decision makers, regulatory bodies and government where necessary and to build the website as a repository of quality information and advice on selected topical business issues.

Director Forums will achieve their ambition through the website and its mix of Inform-Research-Stimulate activities and a working source of thought leadership/original thinking on this topic.

Typically, each Event will take place between 5pm and 7pm in a central London location. Director Forums are ideally suited to Directors looking for a short, sharp immersion in a key issue in the company of others with similar interests.

The DHN Summer Debate

First introduced in July 2017, we see this as a resounding, convivial and highly topical way to finish off the DHN Season’s Events – before the Summer break.

The topic, this year, was Will leaving the EU damage the UK’s Financial Services industry?

Held at Charles Russell Speechlys, 5 Fleet Place, London, this animated and good natured debate explored the conundrum of an Industry that contributes, arguably, up to 20% of our nation’s GDP, and we don’t really know what will happen to Financial Services at the hands of Brexit! Not sure we found many of the definitive answers but we certainly now know most of the questions. With a final guest list of 92, the debate was followed by an almost as noisy drinks reception. A nice way to start the summer holidays.

Our 2018 Summer Debate was renamed The Devonshire House Autumn Panel Debate – because that is what it was and it took place on 5.9.18!

DHMC Alumni Annual Lunch

This is held once a year and is aimed at former Devonshire House Members whose interest is purely social – but inevitably nostalgic!

It is, in fact, open to all DHN members. Nothing wrong in being social. Nothing wrong in being nostalgic!

DHN Private Networks

Alongside Events, we create and promote Private Networks – small confidential groups of Director-level people who have reached the stage in their professional careers where personal “Next Steps” call for more highly personal thought than hitherto. Usually, this takes the form of just two people – but it can be more. Confidentiality is fundamental. As a result – and almost always – we don’t know what happens after the original introductions.

Top people moving from senior employed roles after a number of years of full-on, stressed, demanding commitments very often wonder about what to do next – especially those who don’t have to do anything next. Talking informally with others in the same position and at the same level is seen by many to be a very valuable option. It’s partly a question of information; partly who knows who; partly about ideas. DHN Private Networks are designed for these people. There is no structure. The only rule is strict confidentiality. DHN will suggest names of one or more other DHN members who you can test drive. Like they did.

If this is you, please also have a look at with which DHN has a Reciprocal Agreement.

A key aim of DHN is to seek to harness our collective and individual levels of knowledge, perception and understandings acquired and generated through DHN for the benefit of those who come under our influence in the workplace, whether this is for the benefit of the organisation or the individuals within.

In some cases, we will get close to the commercial underlay of all interactions between senior business people but DHN members are reminded of our behaviour mantra – “We are all open for business but being spotted selling is seen as bad manners”!

We think that the ideal success formula for any organisation in this sector is a good mix of:- 

  • Great Speakers – and having the number and quality of attentive listeners interested in the topic to make their trip worthwhile.
  • A good and attractive central London location which is easy to get to.
  • Good food.
  • Knowing you’ll meet up again with people you know and like being with.
  • Looking forward to meeting some new same level contacts.
  • Attentive, friendly and supportive event management.

This is what we at Devonshire House seek to achieve. Every time. All the time