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Speaker Programme – 2018

Devonshire House Network is a people-focused membership club for Director-level professionals in leadership roles who have an instinctive focus on the human side of enterprise.

Prof Vernon Bogdanor – 28.2.18

Arguably the most foremost constitutional experts in the UK of the current generation. The key questions from most DHN Members will be around the rapidly changing political structures, not only in the UK (including Scotland, Northern Ireland – and, with nothing obvious to complain about, Wales) – but in Europe (and in virtually all EU Member States.

Jeremy Hughes, CEO Alzheimer’s Society – 27.3.18

Jeremy will tell us the Alzheimer’s story and about Dementia – and, in particular, about its impacts on our nation’s consciousness, on society, on our businesses and the people who work with us in our businesses. Volunteering is a success story for the, And constantly encouraged.

The Devonshire Autumn Panel Debate – 5.9.18

Have Corporate Governance Codes, in real terms, delivered better governance? Hosted by Mercer, at Tower Place West, London, EC2R 5BU and in association with Genius Methods. Quite a noisy evening!

John Redwood MP – 18.9.18

In many ways, John Redwood has an unusually unique and powerful profile as a national figure of major political and business influence. Delivered through forceful brisk persuasion and impeccable logic the consistent volume of his written and spoken words has been phenomenal – and for such a long time.

Rt Hon Mark Lancaster, TD, MP. Minister of State (Ministry of Defence) – 30.10.18.

“Now second in command at Ministry for Defence” is how the Milton Keynes Conservative Party’s website described Mark Lancaster’s appointment in July 2017. Mark is also Conservative MP for Milton Keynes North.

Nick Bitel. Chairman of Sport England and CEO of the London Marathon – 27.11.18

Key messages were – Think long term. More volunteers please. Let’s focus on health. Other important messages covered by the Chatham House Rule.