"..an instinctive focus on the human side of Enterprise."

Speaker Programme – 2018

Devonshire House Network is a people-focused membership club for Director-level professionals in leadership roles who have an instinctive focus on the human side of enterprise.


Ben Page, CEO, IPSOS MORI – 30.1.18

We’ll hear from Ben Page about what IPSOS MORI does in the UK, for whom they do it and why – and what their clients do with the information they buy.  Importantly, the wealth of information they generate affords them an unrivalled position to see what is going on throughout all the countries they work in – and beyond – and form views about what we ought to be aware of.


Prof Vernon Bogdanor – 28.2.18

Arguably the most foremost constitutional experts in the UK of the current generation. The key questions from most DHN Members will be around the rapidly changing political structures, not only in the UK (including Scotland, Northern Ireland – and, with nothing obvious to complain about, Wales) – but in Europe (and in virtually all EU Member States – particularly after the UK money dries up for them) – and the USA, – in fact everywhere.  What Professor Vernon Bogdanor has to say is macro stuff at its very best.


Jeremy Hughes, CEO Alzheimer’s Society.  27.3.18

Jeremy will tell us the Alzheimer’s story and about Dementia – and, in particular, about its impacts on our nation’s consciousness, on society, on our businesses and the people who work with us in our businesses.


Speaker Event – Ann Francke – CEO of the CMI – 24.04.18

As well as finding out where the CMI currently is, we will look at some of the issues and challenges that the CMI faces – the ones that reflect their ambitions and being the best. These may well include their international activities  (spreading British soft power overseas – with or without Brexit) ; the changing needs of young people (better access and opportunities – and apprenticeships)  and, conversely the over 50s; flexible working and shifting work patterns;  growing talent;  employee engagement, and the newer ones such as mental health issues.  As Ann said so herself in the CMI’s Management Manifesto in June of last year, “Complex challenges demand collaborative answers”.

Early July

The DHN Summer Debate – date to be agreed in early July. 


John Redwood to speak at Devonshire House on 18.9.18

In many ways, John Redwood has an unusually unique and powerful profile as a national figure of major political and business influence. Delivered through forceful brisk persuasion and impeccable logic the consistent volume of his written and spoken words has been phenomenal – and for such a long time.


Rt Hon Mark Lancaster, TD, MP. Minister of State (Ministry of Defence) to speak at Devonshire House on 30.10.18

“Well Done to Mark, now second in command at Ministry for Defence.” Is how the Milton Keynes Conservative Party’s website described Mark Lancaster’s appointment in July 2017. Mark is also Conservative MP for Milton Keynes North.


Nick Bitel speaks at Devonshire House on 27.11.18

We are delighted to welcome Nick Bitel to Devonshire House on 27.11.18 as our Speaker. Nick Bitel is Chairman of Sport England and also Chief Executive of the London Marathon.