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Past Event 

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Patrick Dunne is an experienced Chair and board member in Business & Social Enterprise, Author of award winning “Boards” book.

From a Maps to a Satnav world – The way boards take decisions is changing.

Barry Gamble interviews Patrick Dunne – followed by an optional Elbow Room Networking Discussion.

Patrick Dunne will be known by most senior Board Directors and particularly by NEDs and aspiring NEDs. Here he describes his journey to this progressive and adaptive Board decision making concept:-

“When talking about the impact of the pandemic on boards in an article to accompany the launch of the second edition of Boards a few weeks ago, I noted that:

“There has been the acceleration from what I call a “ Maps world to a “Satnav world” when it comes to Board decision making.

The “Maps” world consisted of incredibly detailed and lengthy strategic plans and annual budgets. The “Satnav” world, which is more common in early stage and venture backed organisations, consists of strategic frameworks and parameters and dynamic budgeting. i.e. Making decisions, at the best time, with the very latest information.”

The trend for larger organisations to adopt these methods has been given a boost by increased uncertainty and the availability of data analytics tools. However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. As many board members and finance teams have found, such adjustments are hard in practice.”

The analogy resonated with a lot of people. So, a three-minute video was produced in my car to say a little more about what I meant. Governance Publishing then held a small Linkedin event on the topic to gain other views on the topic.”

Patrick goes on to examine the Drivers, the Dream and the Reality of the changes that are underway and how “Smart” boards seem to be adapting:

This is not simply about enabling technologies – but only viable when you take account of mindset changes, ESG, changing views on capital and financing, shifts in worker sentiments and what many see as Employer power being ceded to Employees.

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Meeting Agenda

5.00pm – Welcome and Intro to Devonshire House from Charles Russam, MD

5.05pm – Barry Gamble sets the scene……………

5.10pm – …….. and puts questions to Patrick Dunne

5.40pm – Q&A

5.55pm – Winding Up – from Charles Russam

6.00pm – Formal close to the Devonshire House Talk

For those who would like to join the Elbow Room Networking Discussion, please stay on the line!

6.05pm – Breakout Room Networking Session

6.30pm – Formal close

NOTE:- This Event is a zoom Meeting – with individuals on screen. If you would like intros to any other attendees, please let us know.

About Patrick Dunne

His executive experience includes 26 years in a variety of investment and management roles with 3i Group plc where he was Communications Director, a member of its Operating committee and Chairman of its Operational Risk forum. This included their NED Appointments Division.

He is the author of three successful books on boards and has helped to establish many successful courses on board skills over the last twenty years and helped Chairs across a wide range of sectors to transform the effectiveness of their boards. As a member of the Higgs review Patrick also played a role in shaping governance policy for UK listed companies.

Patrick has a passion for education and was a member of the General Council of the University of Warwick from 2006 to 2015. He is a Visiting Professor at Cranfield School of Management, an Associate Fellow at Warwick Business School and a former member of Business in the Community’s education leadership group.

He also has extensive experience of developing social enterprises using venture philanthropy techniques, most notably with Leap Confronting Conflict where he is Patron and was Chairman, from 2006 to 2015, with ESSA, the EY Foundation and with Warwick in Africa which he founded in 2006. Warwick in Africa has now benefitted over 700,000 young Africans with transformed Maths and English teaching.

By way of Summary……………

Useful Note – His latest book – an update of the rather large “Boards” was published on 6.9.21. Put “Books by Patrick Dunne” into google – special price of £17.95 on Amazon!

About Barry Gamble

Barry is a Chartered Accountant and an experienced Chairman and Non Executive Director in the publicly quoted, private and charitable sectors. As well as his board advisory and NED work Barry Writes, Speaks and Leads Debates about the challenge of best board practice. He is a former Editor at Large of BoardRoom magazine and the Financial Times have published a number of his letters.

His previous executive experience has been as a partner in a professional services firm, board responsibility for marketing, finance and as managing director / chief executive officer (MD / CEO).Specific industry sector experience has been in agribusiness, digital technology, education, environmental services, international timberland, land agency, natural capital, real estate, renewable energy and support services. He has served on AIM boards as executive and non-executive, leading an AIM IPO , secondary fundraising and AIM de-admission.

About Devonshire House and Elbow Room Networking

Networking has been at the heart of the Devonshire House offering since its original founding in 1967. Our purpose is to create for our members thinking time and space for key business issues, and where people make the difference. Delivered primarily through our broad range of high-level Speaker Events, Panel Debates and Special Events, we have extended our offering to include a direct Networking facility – our online Elbow Room Networking Event. At the heart of Devonshire House are senior decision makers keen to discover and explore original thinking and information generated from all the Events we promote.