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Past Event 

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Unexpected and unwanted records being broken everywhere; inflation; living costs; hot weather; drought and a new Prime Minister.

Sir Donald Brydon speaks at the Devonshire House Critical Issues Dinner on Tuesday 8.11.22.

All against a scary backdrop………….

Volatile geo-political conditions; talk of escalation amidst some sort of war; current and shifting challenges – national and global; a freshly speeded-up and interconnected world………. and a workforce not quite sure where it wants to work and/or what it wants to do – but enjoying greater individual freedoms and authority – but does want more money for it. Some achieve this easily whilst others get in the queue to go on strike.

So…how do you manage and develop a business against this array of unprecedented – and generally negative – features?

The task of Directors is to handle all this and lead and compete in tighter markets.

Join us at the Royal Thames Yacht Club in London on 8.11.22

Directors in the present age.

How businesses now need to be run and how Directors need to react and shape that process.

Devonshire House is delighted that Sir Donald Brydon has accepted our invitation to share his thoughts with us.

Sir Donald Brydon, born in 1945, is described by wikipedia as a British Businessman! He is Chairman of the Sage Group and the charities, Chance to Shine and the Science Museum. He was previously chairman of the LSE Group, Royal Mail, Smiths Group, the LME, Amersham plc, Taylor Nelson, Sofres, ifs School of Finance, the Medical Research Council and Everychild and a former Director of Allied Domecq and Scottish Power.

About this Devonshire House Critical Issues Dinner

Technically, this will be about practical Governance and Directors. But it is equally about people. People who make decisions; who influence outcomes; who can persuade as well as direct; who can see through and beyond what is happening in our new-look working – and often woke – world. This Event is also about people who are now hungry to meet other people and talk about anything and everything. Not zoom people – all re-sized to fit the zoom screen and you never see more than half of them – but real people!

About Devonshire House.

Devonshire House is a people-focused membership club for Director-level professionals in leadership roles who have an instinctive focus on the human side of enterprise. Our purpose, at Devonshire House, is to create for our members thinking time and space for key business issues, and where people make the difference. At the heart of Devonshire House are senior decision makers keen to discover and explore original thinking and information generated from all the Events we promote.

We are very proud of our long list of influential national leaders who have spoken to us at Devonshire House. You can read more about us at and also browse through our annual programmes going back several years.


This special Dinner will be held at the Royal Thames Yacht Club, 60 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7LF. We meet at 6pm (though you can arrive any time after 5.30pm – many prefer to meet people at the start rather than at the end of many of our formal Events. Dinner will be at 6.45pm with the Talk timed at 7.45pm. Sir Donald will speak for about 20 minutes and after this we will move into Q&A. This – and the talk, including Q&A- will last until about 8.30pm following which we can linger on meeting others till around 9pm or a bit later, depending on inclination and house rules.

Why you should join us on 8.11.22

  • Devonshire House has built up a reputation over the years for easy-going but effective networking at senior levels. Dinners are special events. At our last Dinner Event at the RTYC, our Speaker was Charles Moore – in the week his Volume 3 of Margaret Thatcher’s biography was published. It was a good evening!
  • If you would like your name to go on a special Guest list which we will share with all the names on that list please let us know. Also any request about table seating or dietary requirements.
  • The Devonshire House view of Networking is that it about relationships – not sales! We are told it works well!
  • We invite you to email us – with any questions, comments you may about our topic- and which we can include in the evening’s discussion. We are planning – with appropriate permissions – to publish something afterwards in support of the evening.