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Past Event 

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In discussion with Congressman Mick Mulvaney who managed the White House as Chief-of-Staff to President Trump

An Invitation to an important and very topical online Talk and Discussion on 5th October 2022 at 3pm to 4pm.

We are delighted to be working with ACTUM LLC in presenting this important Talk – and discussion – by Mick Mulvaney.

Congressman Mick Mulvaney managed the White House as Chief-of-Staff to President Trump – January 2019 till March 2020 – during both his impeachment and the first days of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a changing world characterised almost universally by the word “unprecedented” primarily, now, through the fall-out from Covid, the Ukraine invasion by Putin and the destructive rises in energy prices, here is another one! This one may well have a greater impact on the UK – and, indeed, the world – than any other “unprecedented” condition.

What we have now in the USA is an incumbent President who is not able to do what he wants to do because the balance of voting power does not allow that, coupled with an unpredictable former President who clearly seems NOT to want to let go.

Our interest, of course, is how this might impact on ourselves in the UK. And here is a great opportunity to find out. Whilst our current business lives are dominated by Covid, Ukraine, Energy prices and their combined and scary potential consequences, what might happen in the USA will also have a material bearing on our lives and our businesses; and not forgetting the impact of – and on – our new UK. Government.

What are the US Mid-Term Elections? All 435 seat in the House of Representatives are up for re-election as are 35 of the 100 seats in the US Senate and this will take place on 8.11.22.

Congressman Mick Mulvaney managed the White House as Chief-of-Staff to President Trump – January 2019 till March 2020 – during both his impeachment and the first days of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and a Cabinet Member, he oversaw the broadest deregulatory initiative in 40 years and managed the longest government shutdown in history. Mick also served as Acting Director of one of the most controversial federal regulators, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and was Ambassador and Special Envoy to Northern Ireland during the height of Brexit.

Prior to his executive branch service, Mick was elected four times to the United States House of Representatives, where, amongst other things, he co-founded the Freedom Caucus and the Bitcoin Caucus. He also served in the South Carolina House and Senate. Prior to public service, he worked in various roles: lawyer, real estate developer, restaurant owner/operator and franchisor and homebuilder. Mick Mulvaney is Co-Chair of ACTUM.

We are delighted that Iain Stewart MP will be our Moderator for this event.

  • Minister for Scotland 2020-22
  • Government Whip 2018-2020
  • Parliamentary Private Secretary to Secretary of States (successively in Transport, Scotland and International Trade) 2013-17
  • Government Champion for Oxford-Cambridge Growth Arc 2017-18
  • Member of Transport Committee 2010-13 and 2015-18.
  • MP for Milton Keynes South 2010 to present.


Actum –– is an international, nonpartisan strategy consulting firm.

They work with business, government, and non-profit clients to serve strategic consulting, government relations, public relations, coalition building, digital and crisis management efforts. As well as their London Office and their global office in Sacramento, ACTUM have other offices in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles and Paris. ACTUM describe themselves as providing an unparalleled tool kit of services and capabilities.

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