Benefits of Devonshire House Network Membership

Devonshire House has updated its membership Programme as at 1.1.20

In presenting the case for Devonshire House Membership, we probably need to repeat – maybe in slightly different ways – information that appears in other parts of this website.  New members need to assess what they are likely to get out of Devonshire House membership, if they are the right sort of person to derive benefit and enjoyment, what is involved and how much it will cost.

Devonshire House is a people-focused membership club for Director-level professionals in leadership roles who have an instinctive focus on the human side of enterprise.  Membership is targeted at this broad group. Our purpose is to create, for our members, thinking time and space for key business issues and where people make the difference. Delivered through our website and the calendar of events throughout the year, our members discover more about enterprises and how the effectiveness of their people can be nurtured and grown.

Devonshire House Members want to know about enterprises – businesses and organisations – what makes them tick – and how all of this impacts on people – the people for whom they are responsible.  Our predecessor club, The Devonshire House Management Club – established about forty years ago – focussed on HR professionals and mainly for industrial relations discourse and enlightenment – a fundamental and dominating role for HR Directors at that time.  Since then, our working world has changed hugely – now, line managers are more dependant that hitherto on their teams for their own success. They also need their HR colleagues to help them do this.

Categories of Membership

Devonshire House offers the following membership options:-

  • Individual Membership
  • Premium Membership
  • Corporate Membership

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DHN exists for the benefit of its Stakeholders. These are:-

  • Members
  • Partner Firms
  • Sponsors

We also go out of our way to benefit Members Guests and our Speakers where mutual opportunities arise.

Our financial aim is to cover our operational and development costs. Non-members are welcome to come to 2 events at the standard event price after-which we would like them to become a member to be able to come to more events.

Many Member Firms and Sponsors see DHN as an extension of their own marketing capability and activities.  They may well organise their own Events – but joining forces with Devonshire House for specific Events saves them the bother and enables them to meet new potential clients/ customers outside their normal range and in different settings.

These are the Devonshire House Event Streams:

  • Nine Speaker Events a year – featuring a high-profile Speaker and either dinner before the talk or less formal food a warm buffet after the talk
  • Director Forum Events – about four during the year.
  • Panel Debates /Forums/ Discussions
  • One of more DHMC Alumni Events.

The intention is that Members will enjoy their DHN experience – more so if they meet a balanced cross section of peer group senior managers and in whose company they feel comfortable and with whom they may be able to expand their own body of knowledge about our working world.  In particular, DHN Members are looking for insights into business and into people in the workplace and it is this thinking that lies at the heart of the Membership experience.

Other Membership Matters.

  • In joining DHN, the new Member understands and supports the current definition, objectives, philosophies and ambition of DHN which are set out on the website.
  • Members should behave as they think other members would expect them to behave.
  • Dress code should reflect the requirements of the venue.
  • DHN recognises the strong commercial motives behind being a Member and are encouraged to talk about who they are and what they do – subject to a generally approved mantra – DHN Members are all open for business – but being spotted selling is seen bad manners!
  • Normal commercial confidentiality rules apply, as also does the Chatham House Rule at Events, unless agreed otherwise.

Membership needs to be approved by the Management Committee, taking into account the crucial need to develop a balanced membership and also reflect any strong views expressed by current Members.