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DHN Private Networks

Top people moving from senior employed roles after a number of years of full-on, stressed, demanding commitments very often wonder about what to do next – especially those who don’t have to do anything next. Talking informally with others in the same position and at the same level is seen by many to be a very valuable option. It’s partly a question of information; partly who knows who; and partly about ideas. DHN Private Networks are designed for these people. There is no structure. The only rule is strict confidentiality. DHN will suggest names of one or more other DHN members who you can test drive. Like they did.

Charles Russam Comments:-

“The first DHN Private Network started almost accidentally many years ago – and it was quite some time  before we knew anything about it.  But it did prove very valuable to the two senior  Executives involved.  Other instances followed.  One, we know, was about whether to move on from a successful HRD role – or whether staying was a better option. Might it mean stagnation or a better opportunity.  Might it close out better options elsewhere.  At what point might age have an impact?

We thought that Devonshire House ought to be able to facilitate these connections – and thereby create more opportunities.”

Happy to talk – Charles Russam – charles.russam@devonshirehousenetwork.co.uk